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Male Breast Enlargement and Treatment

WebMD recently posted an overview on the topic of male breast enlargement. Also known as gynecomastia, it affects millions of men and boys. Man boobs are not necessarily a permanent condition. Causes of Male Breast Enlargement One cause of male breast enlargement can start in puberty when a person’s hormones are shifting. This cause typically […]

Baby Boomers Make Up Increasing Numbers of Cosmetic Procedures

US News recently reported on a study that looked into 11 concepts of aging, titled The Prison of Aging. The study was conducted by Boston College’s Sloan Center for Aging & Work. According to the study, when age concepts like career stage and chronological age are combined with the other concepts a person’s true age […]

Enhancing Your Smile

Lip augmentation uses injectables to add volume to a patient’s lips and reduce signs of aging around the mouth. The procedure is quick, easy, and is hard for other people to tell that work has been done. Signs of aging around the lips and mouth include decreased lip volume and lip lines which extend on […]

Bullying and Cosmetic Procedures

Bullying has always been a problem for teens, but more students, parents and organizations are turning to cosmetic procedures to combat the harsh treatments at school. The story of Nadia Isle, 14, a Georgian teen who underwent chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, and ear pinning procedures to stop her harassment, has sparked a debate. Nadia’s story garnered […]