Injectable Dermal Fillers

“Liquid Facelifts,” “Non-surgical Facelifts,” and “Filler Facelifts” are often used in the media and by doctors for soft tissue fillers to fill out facial creases, wrinkles and indented areas. This is the fastest growing area of cosmetic practices and the demand by the public is increasing dramatically.

After Botox injections—- the soft tissue fillers are the #2 demand for cosmetic doctors. So what are the soft tissue fillers and how do they work? The following is a practical table to help you understand the multiple choices available.

Lasts up to 3 months Lasts up to 6 months Lasts up to 1 year Lasts up to 2 years Permanent
Juvederm Juvederm Ultra Plus Radiesse Sculptra Goretex
Restylane Perlane Alloderm
Prevelle Fat injections Fat Injections

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